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A family oriented home. Very caring staff and management. We selected "Independent" living. The room we selected is large. Have a full sized bed, dresser, chest of drawers, TV stand, Couch, coffee table, & 2 night stands. Very large window faces west. Get the afternoon sun. A/C and heater work very well. The bath has a section cut out to allow easy and safe in and out of the shower.

If anything goes wrong the maintenance staff responds in a quick friendly skillful way. Of 5 stars give it a '5'. The management of the Camino Retirement Apartments can only be summed up as outstanding! I placed my 94 year old mother in their care and she was treated was exceptional care and compassion right up to the very last day of her life. I will forever be grateful to CJ Patterson for his commitment to her dignity & the promise of total respect to her & to her family.

He provided staff who truly cared about my mom and was sad when she passed on. Thank you CJ & Lynn. At Camino, our staff, philosophy, spirit, and location all work together to create a community that is welcoming and caring.

read more › Camino Retirement Apartments has served the community since 1972, when it became Albuquerque's first Retirement Center. The original design inspires a true comfortable feel, allowing residents to truly be at home. While many retirement options feel like generic facilities, Camino is a thriving community. Residents in our unique community find they can continue to thrive and enjoy whatever they enjoyed in life moving to a before retirement community. The Camino staff is deeply dedicated to our residents.

read more › Once you've made the decision that assisted living is the right choice for you, the next natural question is how to pay for it. Camino living can be similar, and in some cases, less than the cost of maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle in your own home. We recommend completing the table below to compare what you are currently paying for monthly expenses and how that would compare to a one bedroom all-inclusive apartment at Camino Retirement Apartments. Camino Retirement is an economical residence option in the Albuquerque area.

read more › The 'Aide and Attendance' program provides extra payments to qualified Veterans who live in a 'protected environment' like Camino. You can use the VA payment to cover safety, rent, and meals at Camino, letting you keep the money you currently pay for housing and food. We are working with Patriot Angels, a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to help Veterans qualify for this benefit. 1. Veteran over 65, who served during war time, with honorable discharge (no flexibility). 2. Surviving spouse, married to the qualified Veteran at the time of death (no flexibility).

read more › One of the most fun parts of living in a retirement community like Camino is being able to engage in all the fun activities, events, and outings they plan. We make it easy to do as little or as much as a resident wants. We do all the work and planning, so all they have to do is show up ready to participate. Check back often to see what we have going on.

read more › When the time comes for a new living situation, it can be a difficult transition and many people understandably worry about losing their autonomy. Many older adults prefer to live on their own, and are afraid of giving up that independence. Independent living provides active, healthy seniors with the privacy and independence they desire, while still living in close proximity to other seniors. This allows them to socialize with other adults at the same stage in life, with lots of options for events and activities.

read more › One of the greatest challenges of aging is coping with the shift when an older adult can no longer safely live alone. Assisted living is an important step in this process, as it serves seniors who can no longer live alone, but don't necessarily need round-the-clock care, or to be in a nursing-home setting. It can be very difficult to arrive at this point in one's life. The most common reason for seniors to go into assisted living is because they've experienced a fall or injury. Or a senior may struggle with basic activities that once came easily.

read more › Benefits of Assisted Living Your loved one may require the services of a caregiver or an assisted living community after an unexpected accident or medical emergency - or the need may materialize over a number of years. In either instance, caregiving is a challenging. First Aid Skills Everyone Should Know and How Assisted Living Can Help Emergencies can quickly turn into tragedies if they are not adequately addressed. This means that first aid skills are essential for caregivers. The crucial skills described below can ensure that.

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