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LN Development Group is a firm that purchases, manages and renovates Apartment Complexes across the Southeast United States. Our group only buys properties that are selling at a discount to both market value and replacement cost and have a large upside potential for our investors. We focus on properties that generate an annual pre-tax Internal Rate of Return in excess of 14% per year and which will enable us to pay a minimum cash distribution to investors of 7-8% per year, tax deferred.

Our investors are provided a "Turn Key" ownership interest in a large property where we preform all aspects of acquisition, financing, maintenance, management, renovations and sale of the Property. For the past 25 years we have worked with a limited number of qualified investors for inclusion in private placements structured for each transaction. We are now offering this opportunity to other qualified investors.

read more › LN Development Group, LLC ("LN") was established by Robert A. Nass and Jonathan J. Lichtman who have been business partners since 1992 and they have over fifty years experience in strategic real estate acquisitions specializing in rental apartment complexes located in the Southeastern United States. LN and its team of advisors have become extremely skilled in evaluating the timing of the commercial apartment market in addition to identifying, acquiring, upgrading, and managing properties that generate large amounts of positive cash flow.

read more › There is a general concern about the current housing situation in the United States. We understand that the recovery process for residential real estate in specific areas of the U.S. will take significant time to improve. However, the multi-family apartment business, which produces a positive cash flow, is very different from ownership of single-family homes or condominiums. Regardless of the economy, families need a place to live, thus creating a constant demand in the rental apartment industry.

read more › LN's investment strategy follows old-fashioned real estate principles buy low/sell high, invest wisely, manage proudly, keep transactions simple and do not follow the highly-leveraged, out-of-control industry trends. We always have and always will stay away from complex derivatives and toxic investments. This is LN's commitment to its investors. LN looks for undervalued properties where the current owners (individuals, financial institutions, government agencies and investment funds) are experiencing significant pressure to sell.

read more › We believe that our investment philosophy will be of particular interest to international investors looking to place their funds in discounted U.S. real estate projects that generate positive cash flow. After a decision is made to invest in a project, the requisite funds would be transferred to a trust account at the law firm of Levinson, Gritter & DiGiore, LLP until the closing of the purchase. Such decisions would be made only after receipt of an Offering Memorandum and the execution of a Subscription Agreement for a project.

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