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So excited to announce that Alexander Pointe Apartments has earned Online Reputation Elite Status as ranked by J Turner Research. The property is stellar and Residents and others feel the same! We manage conventional and student apartment communities, design and deliver nationally recognized industry training and provide consulting services to improve operations for under-performing assets and management companies all over the country.

Our clients benefit from collaborative expertise in revenue growth, strategic planning and unique purchasing skills gleaned from Fortune 500 companies. We are not only a training company: we are a learning company, ever leading the way with creative solutions, innovative ideas, improved technology and a passion for smart change.

There are not many people who can say that they have had a direct impact on the apartment industry at the local, state and national level and we are very fortunate to have one such person at PTAA.Everything from speaking at the National Apartment Association's annual Education Conference to teaching CAM modules at PTAA.

read more › Tom's diverse industry background and maverick approach helps him run Apartment Dynamics with a focus on performing the basics with excellence. His experience as a former executive in procurement and IT for a major airline has put him in the perfect position to develop alliances with vendor partners and reliable system solutions, bringing great purchasing power to all the communities we manage. His strong real estate background coupled with his General Contractor's License keep our maintenance team strong and growing, and giving him the skills to advise on the best value-add for each asset.

read more › Without exception, we have improved the NOI of every property we have managed! Even in economic downturns, income has grown year by year through well-planned value-add strategies, strong marketing and property positioning, excellent staffing and wise reinvestment in the assets. Having managed a wide spectrum of properties, from luxury lease-ups, to conventional apartments, to turn-around assets, we feel the key is branding each asset individually to optimize its operations and value. People are key to our success!

read more › Mary is part of the National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Institute Faculty, and trains for owner/operators, Apartment Associations, and Conferences all over the country. With strengths in marketing and operations, she presents original training designed to improve occupancy, cultivate management and leasing teams, enhance revenue streams, position and brand properties, develop marketing and lease-up strategies, and a myriad of other strategic directions. Mary's passion for training is bringing along the next generation of industry leaders.

read more › The Apartment Dynamics Team helps companies improve operations, in some cases making the difference between an owner losing control of an asset. Every consulting project is unique, designed to meet your needs and priorities. Although our consulting clients include some of the largest property owners in the country, we focus on small and mid-sized companies. We have a track record of success at repositioning and improving results for clients!

read more › I have been following the results and I know that you and your team continue to do the same great job that you did when we started this journey with you. I wish we had a few more properties for you to manage. Best switch we ever made. Thank you for all of your wonderful management over the past several years. I attribute the property's success to you and the onsite staff. The results you were able to produce enabled the partners to achieve their goal of selling the property at a surprising value.

read more › Apartment Dynamics is a unique company that is entrepreneurial in ownership and management. Bigger is not necessarily better. Only better is better! We strive every day to be responsive, attentive, and service-oriented. In this company you will have the opportunity to grow with us, making sure that as we grow together we don't stray from our primary mission and our goals of quality. What is it like at Apartment Dynamics? Besides being the best place in the world (and here you thought that was Disney World!), you'll pretty much never want to go anywhere else ever again!

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