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From DIY to what is an apartment lease, we want to maximize your apartment home experience. Our turnaround time for processing applications is fairly quick, but please remember everything is a process. If you come to your appointment with all the information requested, it will ensure a faster application process. In some cases, for well qualified applicants we do offer same day move-in.

Upon completion of the form, an email will be sent to you with information on how to apply and the necessary steps to move forward. Pricing for one bedroom apartments in Memphis usually start at about $505 and two bedroom apartments start at about $595.

read more › Getting the apartment that you want is about understanding the rental process and more importantly, the type of renter you are. When you are prepared to meet the requirements issued by your landlord and you know which types of apartments will best suit your pocket and lifestyle, you can improve the chance of an application approval. Whether you have your sights set on views from a top floor apartment or you're a first-time renter, the following steps can help you get approved for an apartment. When you start your search for apartments, the first thing you should consider is the type of renter you are.

read more › Are you looking to rent an apartment or renew your lease but fear what might appear on your rental background check? At Apartments Near Me we always encourage our tenants to put their best foot forward! This means exercising complete transparency when it comes to your credit, rental, or criminal history. With our simple tips we can help you pass your background check and create a successful landlord and tenant relationship, from the get-go! The reason for running a background check or tenant screening, is to ensure the landlord's business and property are protected against damage, losses, and legal pursuits owing to tenant activity.

read more › Landlords are ultimately evaluating risk. Apartment renting is all about risk management (for example, the interest on your loans is your risk evaluation by the lender for instance). So, are you curious about what landlords take into consideration when applying for an apartment or a house? Landlords evaluate the ability of the applicant to fulfill the entire rental agreement. If it is an apartment inside a community, the probability of conflicts between neighbors and other residents will also be evaluated.

read more › Before we jump into the size and location of your next apartment, we need to consider a few things beforehand. Oftentimes when we are ready to move the first thing we consider is when and where. However, the first thing to do when considering moving is to do a self examination. A self examination will help you see what you can afford, what you need vs. what you want, your income, bills etc. Never jump into something not knowing how it will affect or be affected by your current status. There are three main categories you should consider no matter who you are: budget, renter status and situations and circumstances.

read more › Credit can be described as the ability to access goods or sums of money with the understanding that it will be paid back or paid for at another agreed upon time. Maintaining good credit is very important to establish financial stability. Companies who lend money such as lenders, merchants and service providers also known as Creditors (those who provide the credit) provide their "lending" services based upon their confidence in your ability to pay it back. A common misconception is that if you work and make good money that you automatically have good credit and that is not true.

read more › Renting for the first time can seem like a long and grueling process, but it does not have to be. Educating yourself as a first-time apartment renter can be the key to ensuring that your rental application process goes through smoothly. If you are questioning whether you should rent an apartment or home, check out our blog section, under "Why Live in an Apartment Complex?". Did you know that more often than not first-time renters have little to no credit or rental history which can affect the approval or denial of the application.

read more › We specialize in residential rentals including single/multi-family homes, duplexes, and apartments. Our main services include consulting, marketing management, property management, and management procedures implementation. Our team consists of numerous like-minded individuals whose goal is to provide our landlords and tenants with exceptional experiences. The ultimate living experience is not just about providing good housing, but it is about going above and beyond to provide all around exceptional services for your residents.

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